Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blog on a different account O.o

Hey ya'll this is the only one of my blogs that I haven't deleted because i was bored with it so that's why I'm posting this on here...
this is the link to my newest blog...I'm really excided about wrighting on here frequently and I hope it's some what enjoyable :) It's acctually something I enjoy researching and taking my time to wright on! There isen'a a lot on here yet, it's very new but hopfully there will be soon :) thanks

Monday, October 17, 2011

Morning Star

this would be a slideshow from the of yet. for some reason you have to go to the sight to watch it IDK what...And there will be a trailer up soon. however we have been having a difficult time uploading it to as soon as we accomplish that it will be up here!
anyways, enjoy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spirit, the little mysterious 'dude' who wanders the forest,,,an ally to the Knights of the Prince.

Spirit stealing some sleep after helping the Prince rescue one of his Knights 
Lady Carliss, Knight of The Prince

Lady Salina. A friend and courageous knight
Sir Dalton

Lady Carliss and Lady Salina in front of Salina's burnt down farmhouse.

Sir Dalton...[he just got stabbed] More said much latter./:P

The Swamp Lilly Garden

Thursday, September 15, 2011

PodCasts, Deadlines and Fake blood...Fun

With the whole movie thingy I just mentioned (liken forever ago) We [my sister, my brother and I] will be starting a Podcast! Yeah for the movie in the making. I will post the decent ones {given our choice of lingo not sure how many that will be :P}
 Okay next topic... Dead-lines, yeah we got a bunch of em'. we have a ninety-five page script, that means the movie will an hour and a half! but the real problemo' lies with filming  most of it in ONE month.
 We have my best friend's older brother playing one of the most important people in the movie but he's only available for the next 15 days...!!! My sister, Cosette is practically pulling her hair out!!! But that's our problem...
  Last topic... Blood ... Friday was the first day we got to film any of the dramatic senses. Sir Dalton got stabbed!! To give you a brief overview of the sense, lady Carliss (me) is investigating this half burned down barn when Sir Dalton (Jason, one of our friends) wanders in after he's been searching for Carliss forever,{ jump to, there's like this little Ninja creature from the Esca tribe (my younger brother Caleb) that swings out and attacks Dalton (stabs him with a knife) yeah and he gets poisoned and whatever...So, that part was the awesomest one we've done so far. I'll half to hack pictures from Cosette's laptop. we had Dalton standing around with a knife stuck into a pice of styrofoam on his chest... and corn syrup and red food coloring one his hand. Dang I really do need to find those pictures!
  I gtg but the next time i get on here i promise I'll post pictures!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

 Some of you, well probably most of you know about me and my sibling's first movie. (Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart) Well, that was made with a VERY old video camera and when I was 11 my brothers were 9, 7, 5 and my sister was 14...
 Yeah so we were big stuff just the five of us putting this big thing on. Anyways we got it done, and the product was okay but we were disappointed with the quality, our costumes, how un-good our acting was and I could go on and on.
 Okay let me get to the point, we are working on a second film, which is kind of like a sequel to the first one.
 (Lady Carliss, and the Waters of Moorue)
Only this time we have a MUCH better camera and stuff so hopefully and prayerfully it'll
turn out great! At the moment my sister, me and our friends are finishing up the costumes, (Will post pictures soon;) like I said we have our camera. we have pretty much have actors for all the charters except maybe a few here and there. (list will be up later)
there has been talk among us that additions may need to be held, so if any of you know of anybody who likes acting, or would like to participate as an extra just let me or my sister know, thanks!    

 (this is only the first in a whole lot of posts on this topic so I hope you'll bear
with me this long=) I gtg talk to ya'll latter!